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What size does the yark sushi nori supplier offer?


Many people love eating nori, but what is yaki sushi nori? Yark sushi nori is the nori that we usually use to make sushi, can you eat it straight away? How is it handled? How is it different from the nori we usually eat?

Yark sushi nori is made by secondary processing of dried nori, which is baked, which is actually baked nori. Of course, grilled yark sushi nori can be eaten straight away, but it's more often used in sushi. The dark green sushi nori wrapped in a variety of delicious fish, shrimp, vegetables, and other ingredients, is delicious.

So, what's the difference between yark sushi nori and the nori we eat? The small pieces of nori that we usually eat are actually called yark sushi nori, and the difference between it and yark sushi nori is mainly the difference in taste and appearance. First of all, appearance is the most intuitive difference. The shape of yark sushi nori is relatively large. The international standard size is 19*21cm, while the nori we usually eat is cut into small strips of about 3*9cm.

Apart from the size, another important difference between yark sushi nori and the nori we eat is the taste. Yark sushi nori is not seasoned during processing and, as a result, tastes like raw nori without oil, salt, and sugar. However, the nori we buy on a regular basis tastes sweet and salty because of the seasoning added during processing.

Due to the different recipes of each nori manufacturer, the taste of the nori we eat will be different, and the taste of yark sushi nori directly depends on the taste of raw materials. Therefore, the quality of products is relatively high, and the taste and color of yark sushi nori will also be affected if the quality of raw materials is not good.