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Yaki sushi nori supplier to teach you how to distinguish the pros and cons


Yaki sushi nori is an important ingredient in sushi and can help enhance the taste of sushi. In the nori market, the wholesale quantity of yaki sushi nori has been relatively large. Many friends who buy yaki sushi nori for the first time do not know how to choose, and what "pits" need to be avoided when choosing.

In the era of rapid development of the Internet, we are used to opening the web search for goods, but in the Internet search "yaki sushi nori", prices vary, many brands, some are even very cheap, but we can not only look at the price but should pay attention to identify the quality of yaki sushi nori, so as not to appear price trap. Bad yaki sushi nori, no matter how cheap, can't make good yaki sushi nori. It's a waste.

When we choose yaki sushi nori, we should first learn to identify the quality of yaki sushi nori. There are grades of yaki sushi nori. The higher the grade, the color of yaki sushi nori is dark green, shiny, and light seafood taste. The inferior yaki sushi nori is dull and has a strong fishy taste.

In addition, we should pay attention to whether there is a lack of pieces of yaki sushi nori after packaging, yaki sushi nori is charged according to the piece, to avoid the goods on the board. We should also pay attention to whether yaki sushi nori is made of broken vegetables. Yaki sushi nori made of broken vegetables is easily broken when making sushi and cannot be used normally. It needs to be checked when buying to avoid buying such sushi nori.

When choosing yaki sushi nori should choose dark green, do not choose fuchsia yaki sushi nori, usually, fuchsia yaki sushi nori has been spoiled by moisture, lost nutrition and flavor, not recommended to eat. Of course, we do not recommend the procurement of black and brown dry Porphyra, or dry Porphyra to go through secondary processing to become yaki sushi nori, the need for processing fees, insignificantly increased the procurement cost.