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Where does the yaki sushi nori supplier sell the sushi nori?


Yaki sushi nori is an indispensable raw material when making sushi. Professional sushi chefs regard yaki sushi nori as the soul of sushi, and the dipping sauce is known as the "tears" of sushi. Yaki sushi nori is so important to sushi, how many of us understand how it came about? Is it made on an assembly line?

The answer is yes, yaki sushi nori is processed through a unified production line, from the sea to collect fresh seaweed, which needs to go through cleaning, removing the miscellaneous, pouring cake, and other procedures, in order to turn fresh wet seaweed into dry seaweed, this process is called processing.

After one processing, to make yaki sushi nori, there's a little bit of processing, another assembly line, which is called secondary processing in the industry, which is the process of turning dried nori into yaki sushi nori. Dried nori can be made into sushi nori, but also can be made into seasoned nori, Tess, sandwich nori, etc. This secondary processing can produce a variety of nori products, therefore, the secondary processing line is very important.

Processed yaki sushi nori will after all kinds of packaging, are exported all over, there are a lot of yaki sushi nori specifications, such as 100 / package, 50 / package, and 10 / package, they are sealed in the grocery bag, packed in cartons, shipped to each restaurant, was made into sushi, were taken to a supermarket, consumers can buy home all kinds of food.

The assembly line produces yaki sushi nori with high efficiency and stable quality. The operation of each machine turns humble nori into delicious yaki sushi nori, which makes us feel the convenience brought by industrial production.