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Why is yaki sushi nori so crunchy?


Do some people ask why commercially bought yaki sushi nori sometimes breaks so easily? This is something that a lot of people care about when they're making sushi. Today we're going to solve it and then show you how to solve it.

First of all, the yaki sushi nori we just bought is sealed. If it is found to be easy to break after opening, it is usually caused by two reasons. First, the raw material of this yaki sushi nori is relatively tender, which is not suitable for yaki sushi nori itself, but more suitable for seasonings and other products. Another reason is that in the process of processing, the control of moisture content is more, which makes yaki sushi nori dry and easy to break.

If this is the first reason, the product is not suitable for sushi, due to the raw material itself is very crispy, yaki sushi nori raw material needs to have a certain flexibility, so it is not easy to break when volume, general situation are relatively rare, raw material is green and very glossy, with strong freshness, such poor quality will not, therefore, the price will be relatively high. However, if yaki sushi nori is dull, dead spot, and quality is poor, will also cause the production of sushi to fracture.

In the second case, which consumers occasionally encounter but don't worry about, we take the fragile yaki sushi nori out and leave it in the air for a few minutes until a little bit of moisture can solve the problem of being too dry. Because nori is easy to absorb moisture in the air, therefore, you can take it out and put it in the air to absorb a small amount of moisture, but it should be noted here that the moisture return time of yaki sushi nori can not be too long, and the flexibility should be checked at any time, otherwise the moisture content is easy to be too high and cause deterioration.