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Why choose yaki sushi nori quality according to grade?


We always encounter a problem when buying yaki sushi nori. There are so many kinds of yaki sushi nori that it is difficult to choose. So, how to choose in the end?

Since yaki sushi nori is made from dried nori, it has its own class differences. Dried nori is usually classified into grades A, B, C, and D. Therefore, processed yaki sushi nori also has different grades, but how are these grades determined?

The grade of yaki sushi nori is mainly based on the harvest batch, appearance flatness, aroma, tenderness, and so on. In the pecking order, class A has more mass than class B, which has more mass than class C, and so on. It is worth mentioning that some manufacturers will mark the special quality yaki sushi nori as the special grade. Because there is no general standard for the special grade, its determination depends entirely on experience, and each manufacturer has different criteria for the grade. This is also the reason why the B grade of some manufacturers is more expensive than the A grade of other manufacturers.

In addition to grades A, B, C, and D, qualified nori manufacturers will also be subdivided according to the quality of different yaki sushi nori, for example, grade A is also divided into A1, A2, A3, and other sub-grades so that consumers can choose more easily.

In addition, there is also a way to distinguish the quality of yaki sushi nori: gold grilled, silver grilled, blue grilled, green grilled, and purple grilled, this type of yaki sushi nori classification method is relatively common in Japan, with gold grilled the highest, silver grilled second. The taste and quality of sushi nori determine the grade, which can be used as a basis for quality judgment when choosing.