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What dishes can wholesale yaki sushi nori make?


Yaki sushi nori is an ingredient used to make sushi. It is made from striped seaweed. It is very delicious. Usually, we can see yaki sushi nori in Japanese restaurants and sushi restaurants. So, can sushi nori be used for cooking besides sushi? If so, what can it be used for?

In addition, to make sushi, sushi the sea moss can also be used to produce other dishes that are common to yaki sushi nori as decorations of dishes and ingredients, it differs from traditional Chinese frying and cooking, when adding yaki sushi nori dishes, more common in the south Korean and Japanese cuisine, yaki sushi nori tea gruel, for example, the combination of tea soup and rice in soup, add seaweed pieces of sushi, unique flavor, It's traditionally eaten in many Japanese homes, or, for example, yaki sushi nori wrapped in rice with soy sauce, which is a traditional way of eating in some countries.

In South Korea, yaki sushi nori is often used in bibimbap. Yaki sushi nori is cut into thin shreds, and together with cucumber shreds, carrot shreds, purple cabbage shreds, etc. in a combination of Korean spicy sauce, into a slightly spicy, fresh, and sweet Korean bibimbap. This bowl of bibimbap is a combination of five flavors, and the taste is very rich. In addition to the common way to eat with rice, yaki sushi nori also appears in ramen, a bowl of ramen, with 2 pieces of yaki sushi nori, fresh and refreshing, the traditional Japanese and Korean style of pasta will be paired with yaki sushi nori.

Yaki sushi nori has many products, in addition to a variety of food to make sushi, pasta, meals, etc., can also be made into delicious snacks, such as stuffed nori, nori roll, etc., which way do you like to eat?