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Why is yaki sushi nori hard to preserve?


Hot summer, a lot of people may have no appetite, so sushi may be very suitable for summer oh, homemade sushi is also very convenient, and taste fresh, because sushi needs to be used when making yaki sushi nori, therefore, how to store the remaining yaki sushi nori after use? Yaki sushi nori is a kind of seaweed food that is easy to absorb water and deteriorate. It is not recommended to continue to eat yaki sushi nori after being affected by moisture and deterioration, which is a waste of food materials.

Yaki sushi nori is a delicious ingredient made from dried Porphyra. Although it tastes delicious, it is not easy to preserve. It can easily absorb moisture from the air. Once it gets wet, it's feeling, flavor, and nutritional value will be greatly reduced.

Yaki sushi nori is easy bibulous, therefore, suggest it stored in a sealed container, in addition, to seal save, you also need to avoid light, temperature, or cool, this is because the yaki sushi nori is very sensitive to light and temperature if exposed to direct sunlight, and nutrients in the yaki sushi nori are broken down by the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, make the smell of seaweed sushi, If the temperature is too high, it can also lead to deterioration.

Does everyone understand how to preserve yaki sushi nori from the above description? In daily life, yaki sushi nori needs to be sealed after opening, avoid light, and avoid wet. Although the yaki sushi nori we usually buy comes with a sealed package, after eating directly with the seal to store in the refrigerator or dry, out of the light of the cabinet, we still recommend using as soon as possible. The main way to preserve yaki sushi nori is to avoid light and humidity.