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Is yaki sushi nori raw or cooked?


Sushi is a kind of traditional food in some countries, the earlier in some upscale restaurants to eat alone, but with globalization, the factors such as diet, culture, and interpersonal influence, sushi also gradually into various countries and regions, it also entered public life from a height, even we can make, DIY with a piece of yaki sushi nori and all sorts of ingredients.

Do some people wonder if the yaki sushi nori used in sushi is raw or cooked? Yaki sushi nori is already cooked and can even be eaten directly. Yaki sushi nori is indispensable for making sushi. It can also be used to make flavored soups. What's the difference between seasoned nori and sushi nori? Yaki sushi nori is seasoned, cut, and made of snacks, and yaki sushi nori is directly dried nori using infrared bake and becomes, without seasoning, after baking yaki sushi nori into cooked food, we use it to do sushi, do not cook can also eat directly.

DIY sushi by yourself is very simple. The important thing is to prepare the ingredients you want to eat, such as meat floss, crab sticks, cucumbers, etc., roll them up with yaki sushi nori, and cut them into small pieces. Sushi is not only easy to make, but it can also be eaten cold, used for picnics, or packed for lunch, making it convenient and delicious. In addition to making sushi, yaki sushi nori can also be used to make other delicacies such as pork bone ramen and miso soup.