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Why the importance of yaki sushi nori choice?


The soul of sushi making lies in the use of yaki sushi nori, which plays a pivotal role. It can not only be used for sushi making, but also can be used to make triangular rice balls and various hand grips, and can also be cut into shreds for Ramen or used with other ingredients to increase the freshness of food. Yaki sushi nori has a wide range of uses. When you choose it, you should pay attention to its grade. Different grades have different prices and different uses.

So, what should we pay attention to in distinguishing the grade of yaki sushi nori? When grading, attention should be paid to its appearance, aroma, toughness, and the origin and harvest batch of laver used as raw materials. When people choose yaki sushi nori, they first observe the appearance of yaki sushi nori, whether it is glossy, whether the color is dark green, and whether it is flat. Secondly, whether the flexibility of yaki sushi nori is good, and whether the fragrance has a light seafood flavor.

After the above steps, we can distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of yaki sushi nori. When determining the specific grade, we should combine the harvest batch and origin of sushi raw materials. The reason why we should pay attention to these two points is that the quality of yaki sushi nori is inseparable from the harvest batch and the place of origin. The raw materials in the early harvest batch are generally better than those in the later stage, and the price is also higher than that in the later stage. For example, Porphyra laver is more tender than Porphyra laver.

Therefore, when we choose yaki sushi nori, we must combine various observations and judgment, pay attention to the use of yaki sushi nori, and find appropriate yaki sushi nori products according to needs.