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What can yaki sushi nori be used to make?


Hot summer is coming, don't know what to eat? You can try to make some simple and refreshing food, such as sushi, which is easy to make. Ingredients such as yaki sushi nori, sushi vinegar, rice, sour radish, and sushi bamboo curtain are used to make shapes.

The soul of sushi, yaki sushi nori, is indispensable in making sushi. Its status can be seen, and it can not be replaced by other ingredients. Delicious yaki sushi nori brings the delicious taste of the sea, wrapped with rice and other ingredients, rich in nutrition, simple production process, and avoid the kitchen becoming greasy.

In addition to common sushi, authentic bibimbap is also essential. All kinds of vegetables are cut into shreds and blanched, grilled meat is added, and some hot sauce is added. This has already made half of the rice. Yaki sushi nori has many uses, not only can be used to make sushi, nori but also can make octopus balls and meat loose shellfish, and other foods.

Yaki sushi nori, which is made from dried striped Porphyra and widely grown in several coastal regions of China, such as Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Guangdong provinces, is delicious and can be eaten in many ways. Friends who like sushi nori can try various ways to eat yaki sushi nori, making nori sauce, miso soup, fried rice, and other diverse ways to eat.