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What do yaki sushi nori and snack nori have in common?


Although many people have eaten nori, few know about it. Recently, many of us consumers have asked what's the difference between yaki sushi nori and the nori we eat as a snack. Yeah, well, what's the difference? You know what?

Yaki sushi nori and snack nori have the same point as raw materials dry Porphyra, which is a relatively common variety of Porphyra, Porphyra as seaweed, it grows in the sea, in the picking season after the collection after cleaning, shredding, drying, and other processes into dry Porphyra, easy to preserve and transport. The raw material used in yaki sushi nori and snack nori is dried Porphyra, which has been processed.

Yaki sushi nori and snack seaweed and other nori snacks are rich in vitamins and minerals, which can provide nutrition for the human body. In addition, dietary fiber and Lauri polysaccharides are very precious nutrients, which are beneficial to the human body.

The main difference between yaki sushi nori and snack nori is taste and appearance. Yaki sushi nori is unseasoned with no added sugar or salt, while snack nori has flavor. Different manufacturers produce different kinds of nori, and the taste will be different. Yaki sushi nori is usually used to make sushi or rice, therefore, eat the natural fragrance of nori and various ingredients complement each other deliciously. And snack seaweed is generally eaten in leisure time, sweet and salty, very attractive.

The size of yaki sushi nori is usually 19*21cm, which is about the same size as dried seaweed, without being overcut. Snack nori is generally cut, and shape changes, such as sandwich nori, nori rolls, etc.

If it is for children to eat, or the taste is light, the pursuit of less salt and less sugar diet concept, yaki sushi nori can also be eaten directly, not only can taste the original taste of nori, but also get the nutrition of seaweed. In addition to making sushi, there are many novel ways to use it, you can explore the practice!