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What should pay attention to wholesale yaki sushi nori?


Some consumers reflect that the yaki sushi nori purchased in the supermarket or online is sometimes very easy to break when making sushi. Is it necessary to soak water or steam before use? There is no need to soak or cook in water. Once you do, the yaki sushi nori will become soft and unusable for sushi.

If we get some yaki sushi nori that's fragile don't throw it away, you can use it in your noodles, as a topping, to make your noodles more delicious, or you can use it as a wrapper, hot rice with delicious yaki sushi nori, or you can use it in seafood soups.

Can brittle yaki sushi nori be used to make sushi besides eating it directly? Of course, you can! There are two main reasons why yaki sushi nori is fragile. One is that the water content of yaki sushi nori is relatively low. The other is that the rice wrapped in sushi is relatively hot.

If the reason is that the yaki sushi nori is dry, we can leave the sushi nori at room temperature for 1-2 hours and then use it to make sushi. Since there is water vapor in the air, the yaki sushi nori can absorb the water in the air and increase its flexibility, so it will not be so easy to break when used in sushi.

If the rice is hot, let the rice cool a little bit before you cook the sushi because hot rice contains a lot of water vapor and is high temperature, and if you spread it over the yaki sushi nori, it will make the nori soft, sticky and unusable, and when the rice cools a little bit, then the yaki sushi nori will not crumble.

Don't throw away broken yaki sushi nori. It is a good choice for soup or rice. If it is fragile, it can be rehydrated at room temperature or avoided using overheated rice.