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What wholesale pure laver can be used to make?


Pure laver is a kind of nutritious and delicious food, is also very good, just avoid dark wet storage, can be preserved for a long time, even in the absence of superb cooking also can use pure laver to produce food, such as laver soup, the ingredients need dry pure laver, dried small shrimps, chopped green onion, coupled with some salt, soy sauce, water can make a bowl of delicious hot laver soup, if some egg drop, It can also be made into laver and egg soup, which is a very traditional food in China and is very popular in summer.

Pure laver is characterized by its "fresh", natural, and unique umami taste, with a light "seafood", which is a special odor similar to fish, shellfish, shrimp, and crab, but different. Through composition analysis, we found that this odor is determined by alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, hydrocarbons, and other complex chemical compositions. And where does pure laver get its umami? First is called a 1 - octene - 3 - alcohol substance, it is a common flavor substance in the aquatic products, the name is professional, may not be good, remember, but it doesn't matter, a lot of fish and seaweed contain this kind of material, fresh flavors, it belongs to another is called heptyl diene aldehyde, learned, carp's special flavor is largely due to the material, although the laver has nothing to do with the fish, It is with these substances that there is more seafood than fish. It tastes like fish instead of fish. It's delicious.

In addition to the aforementioned flavor substances, laver also has natural advantages over most terrestrial plants. Algae grown in the ocean can have higher levels of umami amino acids. In nori, for example, nearly 30 percent of the amino acids are glutamate and aspartate, which makes nori even more umami, and those who suspect that the flavored nori soup contains too much msg are overly concerned.