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How to wholesale many yaki sushi nori?


The delicious nori is very popular. There are many nori brands on the market. Many people ask whether the quality of a certain brand of yaki sushi nori is good or not. Today we will take a look at how to identify the quality of some nori brands on the market so that ordinary consumers can quickly identify the advantages and disadvantages of nori.

Usually, the identification of a nori brand quality will start from the following aspects: one is the background and qualification of the production enterprise, and the other is the quality of the nori itself. The identification of the quality of nori is inseparable from these two aspects.

First of all, when we buy yaki sushi nori, we must understand the manufacturer of this kind of nori, to avoid buying three no products, the influence of the brand has a certain impact on the price. When it comes to the quality of sushi nori, it's not just the brand, but the quality of the nori itself.

The key to distinguishing the quality of nori is smell, look and taste. The smell is mainly to smell the smell of nori, high-quality yaki sushi nori is a natural seafood smell, if there is a strong fishy smell or even a foul smell, this nori must have gone bad, not recommended to buy. For the seaweed in the packaging bag, the main thing to see is whether there are holes on the surface of sushi seaweed, whether smooth, and whether the color should be dark green, with natural luster, generally speaking, the quality of such seaweed will not be bad.