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What factors affect the fluctuation of wholesale laver prices?


The phenomenon of wholesale price fluctuation of laver is not a strange phenomenon for people engaged in the wholesale industry of laver, but it is very common, but for new practitioners, it may be more difficult to master the law, sometimes up sometimes down, so why the wholesale price of laver will fluctuate?

Laver is a kind of seaweed with a unique flavor cultivated in the sea. It can be processed into a variety of delicious dishes, such as laver in the pure laver, seaweed sandwiches, and stuffed seaweed rolls. Laver is a type of seaweed that has the attributes of an agricultural product, and its price fluctuations can be influenced by a variety of factors. The harvest season of laver is specific every year, and after picking it, it is quickly processed into dried laver. Therefore, when a laver is traded, it is mainly a dried laver. The harvest of the dried laver in that year directly affects its wholesale price, so it is not surprising that the price fluctuates.

In the laver industry knows, laver wholesale prices fluctuate, and this kind of price fluctuation and laver of annual output is inseparable, seaweed farming in the sea, the waters will affect the growth of seaweed, such as temperature, nutrients, and seawater, the weather is closely related to, in addition, the typhoon, hot or too cold, algae growth will affect the laver harvest, The harvest of laver will directly affect the wholesale price of the laver in that year, the price will fall slightly when the laver harvest is good, but if the harvest is bad and the market demand is high, the price will rise.

At the same time, the wholesale price of the laver is not only affected by the quantity harvested, but also by the overall quality. If the overall quality is poor, the price will fall, while the price of high-quality laver will naturally rise.