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What are the effects of quality on the procurement of laver?


A lot of activities that happen when buying a commodity is what we call wholesale products, purpose is to buy in bulk to reduce the cost of each item, therefore, the primary purpose is to through a lot of wholesale purchase to reduce the prices of the goods, such as we are in the wholesale 20g pure laver, purchasing a large quantity of seaweed, that of individual retail buy cheap. So when wholesale laver how to avoid being fooled.

In order to avoid being cheated in the wholesale of laver, we should first understand our own needs, and then understand the characteristics of laver attributes. Make clear the demand of laver procurement. In short, what is our purpose of wholesale laver, such as selling it directly through intermediaries or processing it into other products for sale? If you are a middleman, you need to know what kind of price and quality customers can accept, and if it is reprocessing, it is necessary to know what quality of laver processing what kind of products, to avoid wholesale not suitable for the laver, so, even if the price is cheap, it is not recommended to purchase.

Understand the characteristics of laver. Laver is divided into grades, different grades of the price are different, and grade determines the price. The main factors that determine the grade of nori are harvest time, harvest batch, aroma, color, appearance, and tenderness. Laver can be divided into several glasses of water according to different harvest batches, among which the first harvest is called headwater or one water, followed by two water, three water, and so on. In addition, we should also observe the aroma, color, appearance, and tenderness of nori. Good laver aroma is rich, the appearance is shiny and smooth, the entrance is fresh and tender, no holes.