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Which delicacies can be made using wholesale pure laver?


The current epidemic affects the hearts of people all over the country. We can make a contribution to the fight against the epidemic by going out less. We can not only buy more chicken, duck, and fish to keep in the refrigerator, but also replenish fresh vegetables in time. In fact, to cut down on going out, buy some pure laver, which is as tasty and nutritious as fresh vegetables.

We can buy some more pure seaweed, avoid saving pure laver in a wet environment, can be preserved for a long time, won't make the preservation of the normal way of pure laver loss of nutrients, and fresh vegetables rotting might happen more for a few days, could not freeze if made into dehydrated vegetables, nutrition and taste will also be discounted, And purple pure vegetables do not need to worry about these, pure seaweed can be used to make a variety of soups, dumplings, such as seaweed egg soup, seaweed shrimp soup, etc., are delicious dishes.

In the case of limited food types, how to balance nutrition and increase their resistance is a very important problem, if you often eat some pure laver, these problems will be readily solved. Pure laver contains important dietary fiber, do not worry about the lack of vegetables caused by constipation. Laver is also rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins, so there is no need to worry about nutrition.

In addition to shelf life and nutrition, the delicacy of pure laver cannot be overlooked. Although pure laver is a kind of dry good, it can be fresh because dark brown pure laver in boiling water will turn dark green, its green leaves will be instantly revived by blood, a variety of nutrients lost very little, and more importantly, delicious not greasy.