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What are the uses of altar laver and striped laver?


Talked about seaweed, a lot of people are familiar with, in our daily life it can be used to make soup and a variety of dishes, laver egg soup, laver dumplings are familiar, such as laver delicious dishes, but many people don't know is nori not only can be used to cook, can also be used to make into seaweed, different is, however, make food use is altar laver, and seaweed is using a streak seaweed, So are altar laver and striped laver the same food or different food?

As we can see from the names, altar laver and striped laver are both lavers, but not of the same variety. Altar laver is mainly used for cooking, usually used to make soup, commonly seen in the coastal areas of Zhejiang, Fujian, and Guangdong, China. Altar laver on the market is generally disk-shaped, such as 20g pure laver,30g pure pan seaweed,50g pure laver,100g pure seaweed for soup, and so on. High-end processing methods and automatic mechanical processing can be made into a square altar laver, safer and cleaner. Porphyra is mainly used for processing various nori products. Porphyra, like Porphyra, is also farmed in the ocean. Porphyra is widely cultured in Jiangsu Province, Lianyungang, and other areas of China. Porphyra is very strict about the temperature of the sea, if the sea is too cold it will not grow, and the water is too hot and perishable.