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How to use yark sushi nori correctly when making sushi?


Sushi is a Japanese dish with a unique flavor. It is simple to eat, not complicated to make and can be balanced by a variety of food combinations. In daily life, it is also very simple and convenient to make, but many people have a question when making, which side of yaki sushi nori is facing up?

Yark sushi nori is a special flavor of roasted nori. If you look closely at its appearance, you will find that one side is very smooth and shiny, while the other side is rough. The industry generally referred to the shiny side as the front, rough surface for the back. Yark sushi nori has two sides because of the special processing of dried Porphyra. In the process of ladling the cake with Porphyra, one side is the water-absorbing sea, the other side is the formed curtain. The surface in contact with the sea is smooth, while the surface in contact with the curtain is rough.

So when making sushi, how should we arrange it? Which side of the yark sushi nori is used to spread the rice? Aesthetically, the rough side should be used to spread the rice, so that when rolled up, it reveals the smooth side, which is more beautiful and tastes better in the mouth. Professional sushi restaurants have strict requirements for every step of making sushi. While we don't have to be so strict when making sushi at home, we can also take a little care to make our sushi more beautiful.