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How to use yaki sushi nori?


Delicious yaki sushi nori, rice with a variety of ingredients, made into sushi, both convenient and delicious. Many people's use of yaki sushi nori is limited to making sushi rolls, but there are many other good DIY options beyond this common recipe. Today to share with you a few different delicious, hot summers, that increase appetite, and supplement nutrition.

The first is the hand roll. The production method of the hand roll is very simple. Divide the yaki sushi nori into four equal parts, and then prepare a variety of favorite ingredients to make the sushi nori hand roll. The ingredients in the roll can be mixed with rice, salad dressing, diced vegetables, and diced ham, then take a piece of yaki sushi nori, roll it into a cone, and add the prepared filling. Beautiful and delicious, perfect for picnics or as a packed lunch for kids.

In addition to sushi rolls, you can also hold sushi. Press the rice into long strips, add fillets of fish, shrimp, or fruit to your liking, then wrap the sliced nori strips around your waist. The strips are cut from a whole piece of yaki sushi nori, and the thickness can vary depending on your personal situation. With a variety of flavors and ingredients, it can be made into a slice of meat, vegetables, and fruit jamboree box, which is nutritious and delicious.

Delicious yaki sushi nori can be used in many ways. It can also be turned into Tess, nori powder, and roasted to taste better. If you like the taste of nori, don't miss it. The yaki sushi nori is a very nutritious and popular ingredient.