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What is the use of laver in China?


Laver is a nutritious food that is very beneficial to human health. We usually buy dried 20g pure laver. In China, almost every family eats laver. You can soak dried laver and wash it to make soup, which is delicious and fragrant.

Laver contains a large number of iodine, calcium, zinc, manganese, and other substances as well as a variety of vitamins, appropriate intake of the human body has many beneficial effects. However, because laver contains rich calcium ions, and persimmon contains a lot of tannic acids together eating will easily produce insoluble compounds, and cause discomfort, therefore, the two should not be eaten together.

Dried laver is soaked and cooked with eggs to make laver egg soup. It is a home-cooked dish that is simple to make but has a refreshing taste and provides a wealth of nutrients to the human body. In addition, laver can also be used to cook soup with shrimp.

Laver has many benefits for the body, but should not be too much to eat, consumption should not exceed 50 grams, eating too much will lead to indigestion, especially weak people must eat less, easy to lead to diarrhea, people suffering from abdominal pain should also be prohibited from eating laver.