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What are the main types of algae on yaki sushi nori?


Nori is a special ingredient with a delicious taste after processing dried Porphyra. Consumers like yaki sushi nori and seasoned nori and other common products, especially yaki sushi nori, which can be used to make homemade sushi. It is understood that some businesses in the publicity will indicate no miscellaneous algae, so what are these miscellaneous algae in the end? Is it edible?

Laver cultured in the sea, belongs to a kind of seaweed, let's not talk about the discoloration of "miscellaneous algae", laver as a kind of algae, in the process of cultivation will grow many other algae on it, which is difficult to avoid, so what are the main kinds of miscellaneous algae on yaki sushi nori?

Yaki sushi nori on hybrid alga mainly has two green algae and diatoms, with the growth of seaweed, if too much green algae and diatoms, will be a disaster, therefore, must strictly monitor their growth situation, when it is necessary to take frozen mesh processing, is used to control the number of weeds, therefore, yaki sushi nori in some hybrid alga is no problem, the consumer also need not worry, will not affect the taste, It's not harmful to the human body.

Of course, if there are too many algae, then the quality of yaki sushi nori will be greatly compromised, we try not to choose this kind of product, although diatoms and green algae are non-toxic, their taste is not a good, bitter, or bad color, their edible value and commercial value is far less than nori.