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What is the development situation of the laver industry?


There are a lot of varieties of laver, including porphyra, pullaver, circle laver, long laver, ganlaver, etc. Among them, the Porphyra and pullover are important economic algae in the coastal area of our country. Our country's laver processing industry has formed a certain industrialization trend after many years of development. China's laver processing industry is mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. The Yangtze River Delta integrates aquaculture, processing, and sales. In the Pearl River Delta, many enterprises mainly process laver and carry out secondary processing. Some powerful laver processing enterprises such as Fujian Xian Yang Yang Biotechnology Co., Ltd have gradually formed a model integrating laver seedling rearing, breeding, primary processing, secondary processing, packaging, and sales.

The laver is mainly used for processing nori and has high nutritional value. At present, the popular processed nori products in the market mainly include yaki sushi nori,seaweed sandwich, stuffed seaweed, roasted seaweed rolls, seaweed powder,, etc. Among them, sushi nori is mainly used in the catering industry to make all kinds of sushi and rice packages. Stuffed nori is a kind of delicious leisure snack seaweed, which has a wide range of consumer groups. Various snacks processed with seaweed are also recognized and sought after by the market.