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What is the harvest of laver culture?


In the cultivation process of laver, there is a very important step: picking seedlings. To put it simply, laver manufacturers will pure laver filamentous scattered shell spores in accordance with the density of attached seedlings evenly attached to the net curtain, and then in the aquaculture sea aquaculture laver. So, what are the common methods of picking seedlings?

Generally speaking, the method of laver factory is divided into two kinds: indoor artificial and outdoor wild. The indoor harvest takes place in the pool, while the outdoor harvest takes place at sea. Most Chinese Porphyra plants adopt indoor artificial seedlings, as well as terrestrial artificial seedlings, which are mostly adopted in the outdoor pool.

The indoor artificial seedling collection mainly includes washing type, flowing type, bubble type, and rotary type. At present, Chinese laver manufacturers mainly use flushing type, and some laver manufacturers also use slewing type. Compared with seawater seedlings, indoor artificial seedlings can be controlled under artificial conditions, and the utilization rate of laver shell spores is also higher. Many laver manufacturers do not choose this method because the sea harvest is affected by climate and the environment is unstable.

In the indoor flushing seedlings, first of all, the net curtain opens flat on the shell filamentous body, at this time, the pool water needs to be immersed in the net curtain, and then, in the seedlings, laver manufacturers use artificial water splashing or water pump flushing, laver seedlings from shells transferred to the net seedlings. In order to make the seedlings adhere evenly, LAver manufacturers should stir each position in the swimming pool during the operation, and turn the net curtain 1-2 times to exchange the position of the upper and lower layers.