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What are the characteristics of the first batch of laver picked?


Laver tastes fresh, but the price is expensive, especially when the market just, laver output is not large, but the demand is large, from the quality of laver and supply and demand relationship, its price is naturally there is evidence to follow.

Laver and Porphyra are two common varieties of the laver in our markets. Laver is often used in dishes and soups. Porphyra is grilled into nori and a variety of nori snackslike seaweed sandwich,nori rolls,and so on. Because of the different planting areas of the laver and laver, the harvesting time of the laver is also different.

The Waterhead picking of laver began as early as the middle of October. At this time, laver enters the picking period, the first batch of picked laver is called Waterhead laver, and the latter is called Waterhead laver, sanwaterhead laver, and so on. The first batch of seaweed is fresh and tender, and the price is relatively high.

The seaweed is usually harvested in mid to late December. The seaweed tastes delicious and the nori made from it melts in your mouth. It is very suitable for making high-quality flavored nori and high-grade sushi nori.

Whether laver or Porphyra, the first batch of harvested laver is very popular, we should pay attention to distinguishing when buying, the first batch of harvested laver will be more tender, smooth, sweet, and delicious.