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What are the benefits of eating sushi nori for family?


Sushi nori for family, also known as grilled laver, is mainly made of laver in the Rhododendron family as raw material. The algae body is brown or purple and consists of a single or double layer of cells forming a thin film. Laver is widely distributed in frigid zone, temperate, subtropical and tropical waters, laver distribution of subtropical to warm tropical waters is more abundant, in China, laver is mainly distributed in Huang Bohai to southeast coastal intertidal zone, a few distribution in China's Taiwan and hainan island coastal, seaweed distribution is obvious regional characteristics. After compression and drying of laver, thin sheets of paper and crisp sushi nori for family can be obtained. The processing technology is simple, but the quality of Sushi Nori is still affected by raw laver, formula and processing technology.

Sushi nori for family has high nutrition, rich in iodine, choline, iron, calcium, polysaccharide, gelatin, etc. Sushi nori for family is mainly used to make a traditional Japanese food -- Sushi, ready-to-eat, with rice, cucumber, pickled radish, sashimi, ham sausage, shredded egg, Sushi vinegar and other ingredients to make different flavors of Sushi. Sushi nori for family will become soft after damp, affecting the taste, so it should be sealed in time after use.

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