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What factors are involved in the taste of seasoned nori?


About the taste of nori, some people think it is good, but some people don't like it, but most people have a high acceptance of nori, especially children, few people can resist its delicious, but as the saying goes, the taste is difficult to adjust, every consumer has his taste, his favorite snacks, such as nori, there are a lot of nori products, such as roasted seaweed rolls, seaweed sandwich and so on. There are also many flavors, such as Batam wood, pumpkin seeds, dried fruit, and so on.

The taste of seasoned nori is mainly determined by the quality of raw materials, followed by processing technology, and of course, the formula of seasoning liquid.

The quality of the ingredients is the decisive factor in the taste of the flavored nori, just as different people look different due to genetic conditions. At nori manufacturers, we see a lot of ingredients, but not every kind of nori is suitable for nori. If you use late-harvested nori to make seasoned nori, consumers do not like the texture of hard and hard to chew. And if the raw material has too many algae such as green algae, the processed nori will be bitter no matter how flavored.

Processing technology will also affect the quality of seasoned nori. For example, we choose the right raw materials for processing, but due to the machine and operation, the temperature and humidity change, which will affect the taste of nori and even cause the waste of raw materials. Especially, when the temperature is too high, the nori will be burnt, taste burnt and slightly bitter.

Each nori manufacturer has its ingredients. Different ingredients will also affect the purchase of consumers. If the manufacturer has rich research and development experience, it can better understand the taste of consumers, to create more consumers' favorite products. Because of the unique flavor of nori, nori manufacturers suggest that the ingredients do not need to be too heavy, light can better reflect the natural and delicious nori.