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What about the taste of nori?


When grilled, nori has a crisp texture that melts in your mouth, especially after seasoning and adding salt and other seasonings to make it a particularly tasty "nori." Nori is a baked product of nori and a must-have snack for foodies. Not only is it crispy and delicious, it has many benefits when eaten in moderation.

Nori concentrates the essence of pan laver, such as vitamin A, vitamin E and A small amount of vitamin C, and is also rich in B elements. Nori is refreshing and has a subtle salty aroma that is very appetizing. Mash nori and sprinkle it lightly on top of dishes to enhance the umami taste and increase appetite.

Nori contains a bioactive substance called phycobilin, and the polysaccharide contained in this substance has a very obvious effect on beauty, beauty and anti-aging.

Nori can be eaten as a snack, many supermarkets sell snacks made of nori, but due to the addition of other seasonings, it is appropriate to eat some, not recommended to eat too much, especially for people suffering from high blood pressure and other diseases.