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What's the difference between sushi seaweed and snack seaweed?


Many of us have eaten nori, but when it comes to the name of each nori, we are a little confused about what it is. For example, what is the difference between nori for sushi and nori for snacks? What kind of nori is used for seaweed sandwich?

You may not buy sushi nori very often, but you can see it often, and the snack nori is varied and packaged in attractive ways. Speaking of the difference between sushi nori and snack nori, in addition to the production process, there is also the way to eat. Next, let's take a look at how sushi nori is made and how it differs from snack nori.

Before say the difference between say one thing in common, is the seaweed is dry streak laver and streak is nori seaweed a variety, in China, all kinds of raw materials mainly adopts nori seaweed products varieties is streak seaweed, therefore, sushi nori seaweed and some other snacks difference lies mainly in the processing technology and method.

Snack nori is much more complicated than sushi nori, which is dried and roasted in infrared light. On the basis of dried nori, various snack nori also need to go through baking, seasoning and other processes, among which, seasoning is a very important step for snack nori, which is also the biggest difference between sushi nori and snack nori. Therefore, sushi nori is the taste of nori itself, without adding various seasonings. And snack nori according to different manufacturers using different seasoning formula, to produce a dazzling array of snacks.

In addition, another big difference between sushi nori and snack nori lies in the different way of eating. Sushi nori is mainly used as cooking materials, which is commonly used to make sushi, while snack nori is a snack food that can be eaten anytime and anywhere.