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Which side of yaki sushi nori should I put up when making sushi?


Sushi is a favorite food for many people, some people go out and eat it in restaurants, and some people make it at home, when you make sushi, yaki sushi nori is an essential ingredient, it is also the soul of sushi, when you make sushi at home, do you notice which side of yaki sushi nori you should put up? On closer inspection, we can see that the two sides of the yaki sushi nori are different. One side is very smooth and shiny, while the other side is rough and dented. How can this be?

The difference between the two sides of yaki sushi nori is caused by the processing technology. Porphyra is the raw material of yaki sushi nori. There are two steps in processing, one is the primary processing and the other is the secondary processing. The first process is to process fresh wet Porphyra into dry Porphyra, including chopping, cake making, drying, baking, and other processing steps. On one side of the purple cake pressed on the absorbable sponge, this side becomes smooth and shiny, and the other side becomes rough because of the contact with the curtain piece, which also makes the difference between the two sides of the sushi nori obtained in the post-processing.

Once dried nori is processed, it needs to be processed a second time to get yaki sushi nori, so like dried nori, yaki sushi nori is smooth on one side and rough on the other. So, when we make sushi, which side of the sushi nori is facing up? The answer is on the rough side. Why is that? Because when we make sushi, the rough side of the yaki sushi nori is wrapped inside, and the smooth side is rolled on the outside of the rice and all kinds of ingredients, leaving the beautiful side on the outside, the dark green nori coat is shiny, so it is beautiful and delicious.

Now, do you know which side of yaki sushi nori is up when you make sushi? It's rough side up, and the vinegar rice and all the ingredients are rolled into a roll, which is beautiful and non-sticky, so if you like to make your sushi, don't forget which side of the yaki sushi nori is up!