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What are the main specifications of seaweed sandwiches?


There are many brands and types of sandwich nori. In many cases, consumers cannot distinguish between them. What kind of seaweed sandwich should be bought? Today, we'll take a look at some common seaweed sandwiches and see how to choose them.

Compared with a variety of seaweed sandwiches on the market, the mainstream size is 40g, there are also 50g large sizes, 20g, and 18g small sizes, among which, 40g and above are canned, 20g, 18g are packaged, canned and packaged there is no big difference, the choice mainly depends on the consumer's preference for gram weight.

The difference in the flavor of seaweed sandwiches is mainly the difference in the filling, such as almond filling, sesame filling, fried rice filling, etc. The raw materials of the filling part include almonds, sesame, fried rice, etc. In addition, there are a variety of tastes. Some seaweed sandwiches are crunchy, some are firm, some are sweet, some are salty, and some are moderately salty. They prefer the choice of sweet or salty with a heavy taste, while children are more suitable for eating seaweed sandwiches with a light taste.

In addition to the difference in taste and specification, another important difference in seaweed sandwiches is the difference in raw materials used. Among them, the quality difference of nori is the main difference, because the price of nori is relatively expensive, which has a great impact on the price of seaweed sandwiches. High-quality nori tastes crispy and delicious, while inferior nori tastes fishy and tastes like chewing wax. We can directly distinguish the quality of nori from its appearance. Then, what about the high-quality seaweed sandwich? High-quality sandwich nori is dark green and shiny, while poor-quality seaweed sandwich has a dull color and no fragrance.