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What are the specifications of yaki sushi nori?


Yaki sushi nori is a seaweed product made from seaweed processing. It is rich in vitamins, protein, taurine, and other nutrients, and yaki sushi nori has a variety of eating methods, which are deeply loved by consumers in the market.

The packaging of yaki sushi nori is usually calculated by "pieces" (the industry calls a piece of roasted nori a piece). Generally, the more popular packaging quantity is 100 / bag, 50 / bag, 20 / bag, and 10 / bag. The number of these regular packages is in line with the current spending habits of major consumers. Because yaki sushi nori is more susceptible to moisture, it must be used as soon as possible after opening. Sushi restaurants with large consumption will choose 100-size packages, while families will choose smaller packages of 20 or 10.

In the form of the packaging bag of yaki sushi nori, the general use of food-grade plastic bags for sealed packaging. When packaging yaki sushi nori, desiccant will be added as required to avoid yaki sushi nori in the storage process absorbing too much moisture in the air and deteriorating, affecting its edible value. At present, some family-oriented dealers, prefer to customize plastic bags with sealing strips that can be used several times. The single-use times of families are limited, and once they are not used up, they can be resealed and put into the freezer to avoid dampness and deterioration.