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What snacks are made from nori?


Nori can be used to make seaweed sandwiches,sushi rolls,seaweed meat puff pastry,seaweed nori bar snack, etc., the raw material of seaweed streak laver is dry, it grows in a particular latitude area, aquaculture is China's fujian, jiangsu, zhejiang, and other laver larger coastal areas, nori ashore harvested from the sea after processed into dried seaweed, this process needs to pay attention to the timeliness, Harvest ashore laver unprocessed will degrade easily for a long time, and processed dried laver will exist a lot of dead spots, thus losing the economic value of a product, in addition, due to fresh seaweed is not easy to transport, water content is high, even by keeping fresh, the cost is also high, therefore, under normal circumstances, the seaweed farming waters and seaweed processing plant should not be far.

China's nori is mainly produced in many coastal areas, and some production areas have formed a relatively complete system of breeding, production, research, and development, with excellent quality and a wide variety of products, many of which are exported to other parts of the world. In recent years, the booming development of the nori industry cannot be separated from the efforts of several generations. Many years ago, we still faced many trade barriers. After arduous negotiations, we won the export share and gained the industrial advantage.

After years of development, nori production enterprises have formed a certain cluster benefit, with a complete industrial chain advantage, we can see a variety of industrial services closely related to nori production, such as aquaculture, primary processing, secondary processing, OEM processing, etc.