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What snack foods can we make with nori?


Nori not only tastes delicious but also has high nutritional value. We love it in our daily life, especially children. However, we can see on the packaging of nori products, its raw material is nori, but clearly, it is called nori, how the raw material is nori? It's hard for us to think of them together, so let's look at the relationship between nori and nori.

Is nori seaweed? In fact, the raw material of seaweed is a kind of seaweed named Porphyra, which is made into seaweed after a series of processing, but not all Porphyra can be used as raw material to make seaweed. There are many varieties of Porphyra, and Porphyra belongs to the class of red algae, the family of red hairy vegetables, and belongs to our economic seaweed, mainly in the intertidal aquaculture, The main components of Porphyra are carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and calcium. In addition to the striped laver, there is also altar laver, our common round dried laver, mainly used to make soup and other dishes, mainly produced in the coastal areas of Fujian and Zhejiang.

seaweed strips are processed into sushi nori, which is mainly used to make rice sushi dishes. In addition, it can also make various ready-to-eat seasoned nori seaweed, such as crispy yaki nori snack, omelets, seaweed puff pastries, rice crackers, seaweed rolls, seaweed sandwiches and more are all popular small snacks.