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Where are the seaweed sandwich suppliers in China?


China is one of the main producing areas of nori, which is a delicious seaweed food. The raw material of nori is laver. The production and processing of nori in China are mainly in Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and other coastal areas. Many nori products are produced and processed by nori manufacturers in these coastal areas. Therefore, if you want to wholesale and customize nori products, you can choose from these coastal areas and go to the local field investigation.

Fujian is one of our important laver culture bases, here there is a complete laver industry chain, and a large trading market, with laver as raw material, which can produce a large number of seaweed products, such as sushi seaweed, meat floss seaweed roll, seaweed sandwich and so on. Porphyra is the main raw material for making seaweed in China. Generally speaking, the production of seaweed products is mainly divided into catering series and snack series of seaweed products.

In the FUJIAN laver factory, raw material laver mainly includes sushi seaweed, Tess, seaweed powder, dried pure laver, and so on, which are essential for making sushi. These products are also the main export products, best-selling in many countries and regions. When we talk about snack nori, I think we are not unfamiliar, such as seasoning nori, sandwich nori, and nori roll, careful consumers who look at the packaging bag will find that many product manufacturers are from Fujian laver manufacturers.