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How do seaweed sandwich supplier provide quality?


The delicious nori is loved by everyone, but the entrance is a little thin. The crispy seaweed sandwich makes up for this shortcoming and makes eating nori more fun. There are various delicious fillings between the two pieces of nori, which can become a leisure snack for many people.

When it comes to how to distinguish the quality of seaweed sandwich, many people may not know, but it is very simple, mainly depends on two characteristics, one is the quality of the nori, the other is the material of the sandwich, generally from these two aspects, we can distinguish the quality of seaweed sandwich.

First, let's analyze how to identify the good and bad nori. Good quality nori should be dark green and shiny, less algae, less holes, taste natural and delicious. If the nori is not shiny and crispy, then the seaweed sandwich may not be ideal in quality.

Second, we also look at the seaweed sandwich part of seaweed, we can easily see the seaweed, the middle layer of but it is difficult to see, therefore, often sandwich part is also a test of manufacturer, between the two pieces of seaweed what sandwich, whether or not to use inferior raw material, due to all sorts of spices, it is difficult to distinguish consumers. For example, when we buy sesame coated nori, we can see whether the sesame has sesame fragrance and whether the particles are full when identifying the quality. Some unscrupulous traders even use fried sesame seed residue as a filling for seaweed sandwich, which is not recommended.

It is not difficult to distinguish the quality of seaweed sandwich. In addition, when we buy seaweed sandwich, we should choose a fully qualified production enterprise and buy food safety products. We can not only look at the price.