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Why is seaweed sandwich so appealing to consumers?


Many people have eaten the seaweed sandwich, which is a combination of nori and nuts. It is crispy and has a unique flavor. It is not only loved by children, but also by many young and old people. So why does everyone eat stuffed seaweed?

Seaweed sandwich is mainly composed of two thin slices of seaweed made between the various delicious nuts, like sandwich biscuit, compared with a lot of snacks, seaweed sandwich relatively healthy, richer taste levels, therefore, some food processing enterprises will be replaced, sandwich layer part of seaweed produce taste more sandwich seaweed.

Among the seaweed sandwich, sesame and sinian are common. In addition, pumpkin seeds and meat floss are also used as the sandwich to make the seaweed sandwich, so consumers can have more flavors to choose from when buying.

In addition to traditional flavors, there are also novel nori foods, such as spicy nori and fruit nori, which are also popular among consumers of more ages for their innovative flavors.

Seaweed sandwich is not only innovated in raw materials, but also in packaging, specifications and other aspects of creative and humanized design, which is more attractive to consumers and easier to eat.