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How to find suitable production of seaweed sandwich OEM processing enterprises?


OEM processing and production is a cooperative production mode to save social resources and producer costs, nori and yark sushi nori, seaweed sandwich, nori roll, and other nori products can also be OEM processing, nori production raw material for Porphyra, generally large nori manufacturers have production resources, can provide convenient production and processing services.

For nori manufacturers, there is no need to invest a lot of money to build factories and buy equipment. They can obtain production demand by looking for suitable nori manufacturers. Therefore, choosing nori manufacturers has become a top priority.

We need to check the production qualification of the laver manufacturer, whether all production qualifications are complete, whether the production environment is clean and whether it meets the production requirements. As the product is food, we should pay special attention to the production qualification of food.

Nori products are different from general industrial products, its raw materials are classified into grades, different grades of prices, and suitable for the production of different products. Before processing, we need to have a preliminary understanding of the grade and use of nori. It is best to distinguish the grade, but we need to have rich experience to accurately judge the grade.

As for packaging, we must pay special attention to whether the font and picture on the nori package are infringing, whether the trademark is infringing, etc. These problems must be solved before the packaging printing, to avoid the packaging can not be used due to label infringement in the later stage, resulting in losses.