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Is the seaweed sandwich fried?


At present, nori snacks enjoy a broad market with various types and rich flavors, which are loved by consumers. For example, a seaweed sandwich not only tastes delicious but also is completely different from ordinary nori, with a crisp taste and rich taste experience. The seaweed sandwich not only looks like crispy potato chips but also has a nutty, oily flavor and salty flavor. One can't help but wonder if the crispy nori is fried. Is it healthy or unhealthy?

There are not many enterprises in the whole industry chain that have been engaged in the laver and nori industry for many years like Fujian Green Power Group. It is understood that the seaweed sandwich they produce is not fried, and most of the ordinary seaweed sandwiches on the market are not fried, and the crispy taste is mainly through the baking process. Nori will become crispy after baking, and the sandwich is generally made of nuts and various dried fruits. The glue of sugar will also present a crisp taste after baking. Therefore, consumers do not need to worry about whether the sandwich is fried, in fact, it can maintain a crisp taste without frying.

As for whether the seaweed sandwich is healthy or not, it depends on the raw materials and processing technology. The seaweed sandwich mainly uses baking technology, compared with frying, baking is undoubtedly a healthier way. As for raw materials, the raw material of the seaweed sandwich is seaweed and nuts, seaweed is a kind of delicious, rich nutrition of seaweed, mainly by the streak laver, contains rich vitamin and minerals, as well as the friendly dietary fiber to the human body, in the middle of the sandwich, is commonly nuts and other food, nutrition, natural is good too.