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How to tell the seaweed sandwich is good or bad?


The delicious seaweed sandwich is loved by all, if a little thin at the mouth, but the crunchy sandwich makes up for it and makes eating it much more fun. Between the two pieces of nori with a variety of delicious seaweed sandwiches, into a delicious snack, children are eager to try.

When it comes to how to distinguish the quality of the seaweed sandwich, many people must not understand, but it is very simple, mainly look at two characteristics, the quality of the seaweed sandwich, the other is the sandwich material, generally, from these two aspects, you can distinguish the quality of the good or bad.

First of all, let's analyze how to identify the quality of nori. Good nori should be dark green and shiny, with less miscellaneous algae and fewer holes. This identification method is also suitable for nori in seaweed sandwiches. The seaweed sandwich made of high-quality laver has a natural and delicious taste. If the nori can't taste delicious, and the nori is not shiny, the quality of the seaweed sandwich is probably poor.

Secondly, let's also take a look at the sandwich. We can see the nori, but it is difficult to see the sandwich. The sandwich department is testing the conscience of a production enterprise. What layer between the two pieces of seaweed, whether or not to use inferior raw material, due to various seasonings, the consumer is difficult to distinguish, for example, we at the time of purchase sesame seaweed sandwich, at the time of identifying quality, we can see whether sesame incense, whether full, some unscrupulous traders may use sesame dregs to do seaweed sandwich, this product is very bad.

It is not difficult to distinguish the quality of seaweed sandwiches. In addition, when buying seaweed sandwiches, we should choose a company with complete production qualifications, and buy food safety products. We can not only look at the price.