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What advantages does seaweed sandwich have over other snacks?


The most common type of snack is snack food, such as seaweed sandwich and potato chips, which people eat at leisure and rest, especially children's favorites. Some healthy snacks, eaten right are of great benefit to the human body, for some elderly people with impaired digestive system function, properly eating some easy-to-digest, nutritious snacks, can not only ensure the normal nutritional needs of the elderly but also will not cause gastrointestinal damage, produce excessive burden.

For children, eating more meals will increase the burden on their stomachs and intestines, but eating less, and insufficient nutritional supplement has, a serious impact on growth and development. Therefore, proper meal consumption, without affecting the meal, can increase a small number of snacks, for children can also satisfy cravings.

Today, we're going to compare two popular children's snacks: stuffed nori and potato chips.

They're both crunchy and crunchy, but unlike chips, which are fried and leave a little oil on your hands, seaweed sandwich is grilled and oil-free.

There are many flavors of potato chips on the market, with the aroma of fried potatoes and various seasonings. If we eat too much, it is easy to dry out our mouths. However, seaweed sandwich has the natural salty umami taste of nori, and stuff is usually dried fruit, nuts, and so on.

In terms of nutrition, because potato chips belong to fried puffed food, it is not recommended that children eat more, as there is a risk of obesity. Seaweed sandwich is a relatively healthy snack, nori and nuts contain a variety of trace elements, and the growth period of children or indigestion of the elderly can eat a moderate amount.