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Why develop more seaweed sandwich flavors?


Many of you have tasted delicious seaweed sandwiches, right? It has many flavors, mainly depending on the filling material, some use wood, others use sesame seeds, coconut flakes or pumpkin seeds, etc. There is no uniform answer to which seaweed sandwich is the most popular, everyone's taste is different.

When it comes to the taste of the countries, there are a lot of preferences, such as in Japan, the taste is light, more people will choose the original seaweed sandwich, and Thailand is like taking some seaweed sandwich, hot or cumin flavor taste and the taste of the United States and Europe is partial sweeter, the tastes of different countries and regions on the seaweed sandwich, difficult to reach an agreement, therefore, Developed a variety of flavors of seaweed sandwich for consumers to choose.

In China, the region is very big, and the regional flavor also exist differences, for example, the Jiangsu and Zhejiang area's preference for sweetness, fruits, nuts, and other sandwich layers of seaweed has more markets, and in each region, in addition to the eating habits of life is different and individual differences, therefore, we in the production of seaweed sandwich, need to introduce a variety of tastes, even in different parts of the same kind of product, The taste is also different so that health-loving consumers can taste more delicious stuffed nori.

In addition, according to different groups of people, the flavor of seaweed sandwiches is different. For example, children should eat seaweed sandwiches with a light taste and less added; young people can choose with slightly heavier taste and spicy and sour taste; while middle-aged and elderly people should choose seaweed sandwiches with low sugar. The popularity of delicious stuffed nori is closely linked to its healthy and varied flavors.