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How to ensure the food safety of seaweed sandwiches?


A seaweed sandwich is a kind of snack that many children like, but the products on the market are mixed, and you will buy an unqualified seaweed sandwich if you are not careful. Parents pay great attention to the safety of children's food. What are the common nonconforming problems for seaweed sandwiches?

From the state administration of market supervision and management, according to the unqualified food mainly common colony violations such as overweight, additive, and unqualified seaweed sandwiches primarily to these common problems, among them, the colony to exceed bid more common, market supervision and administration in risk control of sub-standard often mentioned in the notice of the colonies to exceed bid.

Excessive colonies will directly affect the health of consumers, such as E. coli, miscellaneous bacteria, and so on. If the total number of seaweed sandwich colonies exceeds the standard, it means that the hygienic conditions in the production process of stuffed nori do not meet the requirements. Eating such seaweed sandwiches will cause some intestinal diseases, which may cause vomiting, diarrhea, and other symptoms, endangering human health and safety.

In addition, if the colonies exceed the limit, the nutrients of the seaweed sandwich will be destroyed, speeding up the deterioration and making the delicious seaweed sandwich lose its edible value. In addition to excessive colonies, illegal additives are also the cause of substandard food, such as unsafe dyes, excessive spices, etc. Although this will make seaweed sandwiches look more appetizing and smell better, it is not good for human health. Therefore, we should not eat food with illegal additives.