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What is roasted seaweed?


Many people have eaten and enjoyed the delicious nori, but when it comes to burnt nori, some people may not know what it is or how to eat it.

Change the name as you all know what is this burning seaweed, burning seaweed also called roasted seaweed, the main raw material is a streak of dried laver, after baking process using the baking process, can be obtained in the process of machining, don't add spices, can not only taste the seaweed natural delicious taste, rather than the flavor of artificial additives, naturally. There are many ways to cook nori. The most common way is to make sushi. Rice, sushi vinegar, and other favorite ingredients are wrapped and cut into pieces.

In addition to making sushi, you can also cook the gnocchi. Delicious seaweed and rice together, it is easy and delicious, it can also be used in tonkotsu ramen, originally slightly greasy pork bone soup with a few pieces of seaweed suddenly becomes very delicious, coupled with the light seafood flavor, immediately enrich the texture of the ramen.

Now when it comes to burnt seaweed, you will certainly not feel that it is unfamiliar. The delicious nori can be used with all kinds of ingredients, and it is delicious. You can buy some fried nori and make it yourself.