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What should I do with the returning yaki sushi nori?


Many people prepare some delicious yaki sushi nori at home for homemade sushi or bibimbap, which is delicious. However, due to improper storage, the bought yaki sushi nori becomes soft and damp, what to do? Don't worry about throwing it away, add some seasoning, you can easily make nori cooking sauce at home!

If the yaki sushi nori is too damp, it won't go back to its original state. If it's not damp enough, we can bake it in the oven at a low temperature for a few minutes. In the case of severe dampness, let's try to make nori cooking sauce together. Homemade seaweed cooking sauce needs sushi seaweed, cooking wine, soy sauce, ginger juice, sugar, salt, and other materials.

The method of making nori cooking sauce is relatively simple. First, the damp yaki sushi nori is grilled under the fire and then mashed as much as possible. Pour the right amount of soy sauce, cooking wine, and ginger juice into the pot and cook for a while, then add the mashed seaweed and cook slowly until there is no soup in the pot, then add sugar and salt. We can taste it while it's being made and adjust the taste to our liking, and then we have a delicious nori cooking sauce.

It's a very good cooking sauce made with damp yaki sushi nori, you can use it with noodles and rice, it's delicious. This time, there is no need to throw away the damp yaki sushi nori, has everyone learned how to cook the nori sauce?