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What are the requirements for wholesale yaki sushi nori?


Nori is a household health food, consumer awareness is high, and the market prospects are broad, but here to remind the wholesale nori to pay attention to some matters.

We want to understand what nori wholesale minefields are, so remember to avoid them. In the wholesale of nori, the main problem is that the product quality is not in line with their needs. Therefore, the quality characteristics of products should be understood before purchase. Another problem is that the quality of samples is inconsistent with that of bulk goods.

Nori is different from industrial products. To some extent, nori can be regarded as a kind of agricultural product with a great quality difference. In order to solve the problem of "product quality does not meet its own needs", our buyers need to have a certain understanding of nori. The seaweed knowledge here mainly refers to the grade of nori and the understanding of the basic uses of nori. For example, nori is mainly divided into 5 grades, such as A/B/C/D/E. Of course, there will be some differences in the level of each manufacturer, which requires us to compare more. For the purpose of nori, for example, for sushi, you need yaki sushi nori but don't choose a very tender one, otherwise, it will break easily in the sushi, but if you are using it for seasoning, you need to choose a more tender one.

Due to the characteristics of nori agricultural products, we cannot require the products to be completely consistent, but the samples should be relatively consistent with the bulk goods. Therefore, we need to keep samples for comparison and pay attention to such problems in the contract to avoid the samples being inconsistent with the received bulk goods.