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Which foods belong to ready-to-eat nori?


Laver grows in the sea and is often attached to rocks. It belongs to Marine red algae, a general term for Marine alternate algae. It is leaf-like and consists of a layer of cells embedded in a thin layer of gelatin. Laver is rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients, which can be used to eat.

We often refer to laver as "Marine vegetables" and grow to a certain extent can be repeatedly picked and cut, the first wave of picked and cut is called the first water, the second wave of picked and cut is called the second water, and so on, among them, we will be the first water laver is also the first water nori, delicate and nutritious, not easy to buy. Seaweed can make dishes not only, still can get instant seaweed after baking, flavor, such as seaweed snacks, such as crispy yaki nori snack,omelet,rice crackers,seaweed puff pastry,roasted seaweed roll,seaweed sandwich,traditional seasoned seaweed, altar laver and streak laver is eating more of two varieties of seaweed, among them, the altar laver is made mainly by drying round cakes in the shape of a dry altar laver, used to make seaweed soup, and streak laver is mainly used to make seaweed, technology is relatively complex, It needs to be picked, rinsed, crushed, autoclaved at high temperature, baked and so on. If it is to be made into snacks, other food raw materials should be added and seasoned.

In recent years, nori as raw materials of food more and more rich, variety, easy to carry, ready to eat, delicious taste, so that more people like Shanghai moss made food.