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What is the raw material of nori?


People, who like to eat laver and nori may have a question, why do laver and nori taste similar? Is there something wrong with our sense of taste, or is it a coincidence? Let's take a closer look at the relationship between laver and nori.

We can see a lot of large cleaning pools in the laver manufacturers. In the harvesting season, laver will be sent to the shore to be cleaned, washed with seawater first, and then washed with clean water. It takes several times of cleaning to remove impurities as far as possible. We can also see the production processing line, will be cleaned of laver processing into paper in the production line of dried laver, we in another workshop putting the dried laver in later, will happen very big change, had dark brown dried laver into green, sending out the aroma, picking up a try, you will find that this is what we usually use the nori! How can streak laver be turned into nori? This is because nori is made of nori! But not all NORi can be made into nori, at present, the common is made of Porphyra as raw materials into nori, therefore, nori can be regarded as nori, but nori is not equal to nori!

Is nori made of streak laver? The raw material of nori is streak laver, this kind of laver is mainly used to make nori, we usually make dishes mainly for altar laver. Streak laver dried in the sun and baked into nori, the taste becomes crispy and delicious, with a special aroma, melting in the mouth, very delicious.

There are two main kinds of nori, made with streak laver: One is used to make rice-wrapped sushi dishes of yaki sushi nori, another is called "instant seasoning nori", then sandwich nori, Nori roll, these two are more popular nori food.