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What kind of laver is the main raw material of Chinese nori?


We bought a packet of delicious nori at the supermarket and went home to look at the ingredients list: nori... Do laver manufacturers use 20g pure laver as nori? With doubts, we searched for answers and found that the raw material of nori is laver. There are many kinds of laver, but the main laver used to produce nori is Porphyra.

Laver is the general name of hundreds of species in the family Laver. The nori we usually buy in China is made from Porphyra, and not all nori can be made from nori. Porphyra and laver are mainly produced in coastal areas of China, among which laver is a specialty of China and is said to originate from Haitian Island in Pingtan County, Fujian Province.

Laver manufacturers produced laver using streaks of seaweed as raw materials, in the late 19th century, it was found that the laver of spore and the filaments after germination, laver sprout from the shells, grow the seaweed in the sea, harvest the laver after cleaning, watering cake, drying and other steps, into pieces of seaweed, then dried laver baking, flavor, as we eat delicious seaweed.

From laver to seaweed, not only changed shape, but color also changed, from the sea harvest fresh seaweed is rich in algal red elements, therefore, presents different shades of purple, but after processing, storage, and transportation, algal red elements lose, only the green chlorophyll, so we see the seaweed is usually blackish green color, if excessive heat or storage time is too long, The chlorophyll also breaks down and turns dark brown, so the nori will be dull, and we can use their color to roughly judge their freshness.

Laver manufacturers process laver into delicious nori, not only nutritious but also delicious.