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How does green algae affect the quality of yaki sushi nori?


Yaki sushi nori is a delicious ingredient made from striped seaweed that is often used in sushi but can also be diversified into other culinary garnishes. With its natural umami flavor, yaki sushi nori is enjoyed by many people. But did you know that there are grades of yaki sushi nori? Depending on the grade, the price will vary, and the high-grade yaki sushi nori is also amazing.

Since raw materials of yaki sushi nori grow in the sea, it is inevitable that some miscellaneous algae will attach to Porphyra. Among them, the more common algae are green algae and diatoms, which are known as miscellaneous algae, and they will affect the quality and price of yaki sushi nori. So, is the green algae on yaki sushi nori edible?

Actually, a small amount of green algae does not affect we eat yaki sushi nori, and many outsiders are could not taste the flavor of green algae, compared with seaweed, algae bitter taste, a lot of people don't like green algae, but there are some countries and regions like algae food, on the one hand, green algae food cheap, very affordable, on the other hand, algae taste bitter, taste like tea, Others like the taste.

In addition to green algae, there are holes, dead spots, shrivels, diatoms and so on that can also affect the quality of yaki sushi nori. When making sushi, yaki sushi nori holes are too many easy to break, wrinkles retract to make yaki sushi nori ugly appearance, dead spots will affect the luster of yaki sushi nori, look dull...

When choosing yaki sushi nori, if it is not for professional use, we can be less fussy. We can buy yaki sushi nori with high-cost performance. If we have high requirements for food ingredients, we can choose high-grade yaki sushi nori, which can avoid these problems to a large extent.